Importing Data From JIRA

The Import function is the process of bringing new issues from JIRA into Microsoft Project. The Connector's import wizard allows for a number of filters, sorting and grouping parameters to be specified.

The import can either import based on projects from JIRA or it can use JIRA's saved filters as an import option. When you use the JIRA projects, The Connector does the filtering on the client side. When you use JIRA saved filter, the filtering is done on the server side (JIRA). Depending on the amount of data you are importing, you can see a significant performance increase if you use a filter to do the importing.

The Connector allows a user to create and save multiple import profiles that can be used as needed. It also allows for sharing import profiles with other users in a team environment if needed using The Connector's shared import profile feature. Click here for more information.

JIRA Import Wizard
Add / Edit Import Profile
Manage Import Profiles