Working With Sub Tasks

The Connector supports the import and creation of JIRA sub-tasks through Microsoft Project. In Microsoft Project, a sub-task is a task that is indented under its parent.

NOTE: The indention level in Microsoft Project is not a requirement for a JIRA sub-task. You can have an indented task in Microsoft Project that is not a sub-task and you can have a JIRA sub-task in Microsoft Project that is not indented. This is entirely dependent on your requirements and how you are using The Connector.

We've initialized the project sheet and created a single parent task to create in JIRA.

Highlight the task and select the "Send To JIRA" option. This will create an issue in JIRA. After this is completed, you will see the issue ID in the Microsoft Project task.

Checking in JIRA, you will see the newly created issue. 

We'll create a task right below the parent task and fill in the description of the task.

Next we'll highlight the task, right click the task, and then select the "Indent" option to position the new task under the parent task.

Before we send this task to JIRA, we'll need to indicate to The Connector that this task is a sub-task. To do this, you will need to use the "Tools > Issue Editor".

Once you have the Issue Editor open, select the "General" tab. On the bottom of the tab, you will see a checkbox that says, "This task is a sub-task in JIRA". Check this option to indicate that this will be a sub-task.

You'll notice that The Connector will automatically fill in the Parent Issue ID. Using the Indent Level of the project sheet does this.

NOTE: It is possible to indicate a different parent task to The Connector, and when this task gets created in JIRA, it will be created under the specified parent.

Press the "Save" button next to save what we have changed.

Finally, use the "Send To JIRA" button to create the sub-task in JIRA.

After this process, you will see the new issue ID of the created JIRA issue.

Check JIRA to see the newly created sub-task under the parent task.