JIRA Endpoint

The JIRA endpoint is where you define connectivity information about your JIRA instance. The Connector 2.0 allows you to setup any number of different endpoints (or JIRA instances) you wish. Each endpoint can have a different address, be a different JIRA version and use different authentication information.

Also, each endpoint can have its own proxy and HTTP authentication settings allowing different settings for local network instances verses other remote instances throughout your network or the Internet.


A JIRA endpoint has a field for the JIRA address. This address can use https or http as well as have different port numbers.

You can give each endpoint an alias (or friendly name) to help you distinguish between different settings.

If you JIRA instance requires that you connect through a proxy server, you can specify the proxy settings here. You can provide the proxy server address, port and optional credentials if authentication is required.


If the JIRA instance you are connecting to require HTTP authentication (generally another layout at the web server level), you can specify those settings here. Provide a username and password and when The Connector attempts to connect to JIRA, it will automatically provide these additional credentials to the web server servicing the call.