The Connector is a Microsoft Project extension plug-in that allows users of Microsoft Project to connect and exchange data with Atlassian’s issue management system, JIRA. The product creates a custom toolbar in Microsoft Project from which access to the functionality of the connector can be accessed.

System Requirements

The Connector requires:

  • Microsoft Project 2003, Microsoft Project 2007 or Microsoft Project 2010
  • Atlassian JIRA 3.6 or greater
  • Microsoft .NET 4.0 or greater

Optional requirements for the extended functionality:


Plug-in Installation

To install the plug-in, run the Trial Version installer available on the website. Once the plug-in is installed, you will get a registration key dialog when you run Microsoft Project. Enter your product key that was emailed to your when you purchased the product and the plug-in will be unlocked to full functionality.

The Connector Extended Web Service Installation

The extensions to the JIRA web services will provide the connector with some enhanced functionality. Follow the instructions below to install the extensions.

NOTE: You must have Atlassian JIRA 3.6 or greater

  1. Download the JIRA Services for The Connector 2.0 from the website.
  2. Unzip the file com.ecliptictech.connector.jar and copy it to the WEB-INF/lib directory located under your JIRA installation root directory. This may vary from version to version on installation process.
  3. Enable the RPC extensions in JIRA
  4. Restart JIRA
Enabling JIRA Web Services

For the plug-in to work, the built in JIRA web services must be enabled. This is enabled under the Administration section of JIRA in the General Configuration area. Make sure the “Accept Remote API calls” option is turned on.

 If the services are correctly installed, you should see an entry in the “Plugins” section of the JIRA administration.