The JIRA Connector Toolbar

The JIRA toolbar is the central management point for The Connector. The toolbar is fully dockable, so feel free to move the toolbar where it works best for you.

The toolbar contains access to all the functions of The Connector. The options are summarized below.

  • Send to JIRA – Push task information to JIRA issues
  • Update from JIRA – Pull issue, status, and worklog information into Microsoft Project
  • Sync All – Bi-directionally exchange data between Microsoft Project and JIRA
  • Tools / Link Issue – Link a Microsoft Project task with an existing JIRA issue
  • Tools / Issue Editor – The issue editor allows for quick and easy access to all of the JIRA specific values related to a task.
  • Tools / Task Browser – The task browser allows for a quick summary of all the tasks and their related issues in a project plan.
  • Tools / Mark as JIRA Ignored – This function allows you to select multiple tasks and mark them all as JIRA Ignored.
  • Tools / Remove Selected From JIRA – This function will remove all of the selected tasks from JIRA by deleting the issue.
  • Tools / Unlink Selected Tasks – This function will unlink the Microsoft Project task from the JIRA issue.
  • Tools / Validate Selected Tasks – This function will validate that all of the linked tasks have valid JIRA issues associated with them.
  • Project Info – This dialog will show general summary information about the project plan.
  • Import – This is a function that allows you to import JIRA issues into the current project plan.
  • Configure – View and modify configuration information for The Connector
  • JIRA Login / Logout – Login/logout to and from JIRA